Always the same, new days arise
airing revelations got people stung
Reveal freedoms with ironed tie
looked down warmly with cold smile
Believers happy as their head put down
bend knees but no prayers sounds
obeying on false transmission
is this what you gonna give
our cards to you represent blue
while your cards represent reds
rolling on bulletproof glass while our blood spill to the ground.
yet you exaggerate because your changes is gonna come.

Rec chords on check this out ya
visualizing momentary of fatal lies
airing freely on the trend lines
making people bustling lies
don’t care about the content, steady lines on going for 24/7
On every lines necessities for own importance
advising corrections,but put the people rights in correctional facilities
Dressing up nicely, just to degrades the deceitful deed
Herding peoples in and throw it to side.
label on each other out
separation become common factions
while you heavy sedated in the lavish screens,
behind smoke screens every surface and labels hides our diamond arts
on every generations may towed under
bridging in the name of love, devotion and equality will dominate
marching rebellions to remind not turn in to momentary placards
never surrender
because to us you’re just satirical bitch

your paper castle doesn’t belong here
cast your dice but hid my key
you campaign’ freedom,with Steel Marks
while burn my cities is all i can see

(Skit)”Yet have you seen resemblance”

Oh snap,shit just got real
CHANGE board become everybody resolutions
rolling coins filling the bars is the style
stay updated in the subscribed drama
act like one so could follow and superlative
buy here right now, its the mode
Empty pockets to the young ones,rocket fueled to your grounds
red carpet already roll on every blocks
roll back tap repeat,succumbs with the rotation
say CHANGE and yeah yeah, while your chairs getting wider
ma’ old man says get up stand up,
even tho chains still hold us upon
but the unity will stand and make the REAL change
might seems impossible, but
spread the love ya, don’t let them burning our grounds anymore

Burn my cities is all i can see
still such a long way to go
but better late than never is all i know..



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