I don’t really remember taste for my morning coffee , sweet,sour,milky,creamy?,but in my mind, my morning coffee gives shines to my levitate soul, a calling for my soul and my physical body returned as one. All set and ready to take a stride against the day.

Utopia 09:00 to 05:00

*please humming before you read

Sun shines, morning coffee
As the news said, C.E.O drink morning coffee
Ride through leaving my home bounds
to the space grey scale cubical.
sit tight, dandy and do good things
so my boss would smile, i might get promote

oh what a life
label on my bodies
fake pink mark as my phone chimes
poison my self and smile again

The sun goes down i am yawning
Like the radio said its your get away to homebound
Mistakes ridden pas me by
Seeing all grey makes no any sense
But i know
The toughest mind survive maddening utopia

and !
Oh what a life
Burning the tags is all I know
Let the burst bring back the mindful soul
Stick with real love and I never felt wrong again.

That blue “hook” line
Blue skies pass me by
Alas the light turning low
Electric city awaken
your reflections astound me
shine a light to those broken soul
and gives place for a shadow to grow
Strange Symptom it seems
A sign where the brightest part
There is always shadows lurking


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