Hello audience from all over the world, greetings from me wherever you are right now. My starting point for the first post is going to be a simple piece of mind about explorations. Now every explorations, journey or knowing something new it’s always heart aching right? , well that is very normal because I felt too. When it comes to find out more, taking our first step on our own journey. I am sure every human living in this entire universe have their own passion, a fire heart desire to fulfill things that in our own mind it’s very important, feels like our universe is going to fall apart if we cannot reach it. After a little bit adventuring here and there, then I realized some of us going mellow, uncomfortable with our own thoughts, worse yet we started to raining down our heads with tremendous questions that may lead to institutionalize our mind and finally evading us to grow better.

      Well I say “not to grow better” is much more fearful rather than “start about something new”. To put it bluntly the essence of our experience and the things that we are cling into it’s a trace of our past explorations.

 “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” -Andre Gide

Well gathering  courage or conquering fear is the most fun part in starting an explorations, its sapping away all of our time, energy even our ideas. Take a break it’s allowed, but a full stop I think that is not acceptable because we are the one who is responsible to make our own marvel, the hero in our own universe. So let us give our self opportunity to learn and revolt, take a stand and always encourage your self to see from different point of view , surprise your self with your work and good things will come a long the way.

But slow down, and stay with what your like.

Bye now, and see ya on the other side of the shore.



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